Know the Right Size of Napkins for Different Use

Do you know that napkins have classifications? You cannot use the same napkins for breakfast, dinner, and drinks. There is proper etiquette, and those who love maintaining perfection in everything, they need napkins designed for a particular use. Vrag Fills Airliad is India’s first napkin manufacturer that brings European technology for designing and manufacturing napkins. You can feel the quality just by a touch. We are giving priority to consumers’ satisfaction and come up with the best approaches that meet their demands. Here, we talk about different napkins for a different use. If you are unaware of this, this content proves to be useful for them.

Cocktail Napkins:

When it comes to serving drinks, you must use cocktail napkins for your guests. Regular napkins are not designed for serving with drinks. When you consider fineness and details about everything, your guests will be happy and they visit your restaurants again and again. The recommended sizes for cocktail napkins are:

•    20cm tissue 

•    25cm tissue

•    20cm luxury airlaid

If you are throwing a cocktail party or BBQs at home, contact us to get quality napkins for your arrangements. We accept bulk orders and we deliver your products faster than others. They can also be served well with light snacks.

For breakfast/lunch/snacks:

You need to different use size napkins when it comes to breakfast or lunch. Those who are running cafes, pubs, tearooms, and snack bars need these napkins for their serving. The best sizes that meet the requirement are:

•    2ply 33cm tissue

•    3ply 33cm tissue

•    2ply 40cm tissue

•    33cm luxury airlaid

At Vrag Fills Airliad, you can buy quality napkins at the best price. We concentrate on different napkins and come up with the options that meet a specific requirement very well. Moreover, you can also design your customized napkins by adding designs to these napkins.


Dinner napkins should be large in size as compared to napkins used for other occasions. They are generally the classic napkins and commonly used by people. The right size for dinner napkins is mentioned below.

•    3ply 40cm tissue

•    4ply 40cm tissue  

Hotel or restaurant owners are using these napkins for their guests. No matter what your requirement, Vrag Fils Airliad comes up with your wish without compromising anything. For more details, please visit our official websites.

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