Wooden cutleries add an artistic appeal to your table decoration. Those who are looking for improving the setting of their restaurants or events can go for this widen cutlery option that is affordable but stylish. Your clients or customers will be happy when they find that you are considering each corner to offer a pleasing dining experience. The demand for this cutlery sets is growing and they are more popular to restaurant owner, food truck operator, caterer, and more. These wooden cutleries need a small investment but come up with big impacts. You need to go for the quality products and a few companies are manufacturing the products that meet your expectation. Vrag Fils Airlaid is a reputed wooden cutlery manufacturer in India offering you a wide variety of choices.

Disposable wooden cutleries are increasing their demand every day. Catering companies are also showing their interest in these products to meet modern requirements. Since people are wishing to add something new to their events, these wooden cutlery options prove to be very beneficial and they are widely used in weddings, large parties, and in events. It not only saves your money but also creates an impression on your guests.

Wooden cutlery not only makes the setting beautiful, but they are also an eco-friendly choice. Those who are concerned about the disposable policy can choose this option. There are so many reasons for choosing wooden cutlery instead of plastic alternatives. They look elegant and are perfect for fanciest special occasions. They also let you explore your creativity and help you offer a unique experience to your customers. Plastic utensils on events have become old now. So, choose this wooden cutlery set and other tableware products for organizing an event.

Now when it comes to the satisfaction of your guests, this wooden utensil leads the race. Let your guests enjoy both hot and cold foods in style with these disposable wooden tableware products. They also come in a wide variety of options. From soup to salads, these products go with any options. They do not even melt when you are serving these wooden utensils with hot dishes. Your clients and guests will definitely love the quality.

Visit Vrag Fils Airliad and buy wooden cutlery made of quality woods and smoothen softly.  It is one of the reputed wooden cutlery manufacturers in India and offers quality products to clients.

Do you ever think that the colors of napkins can enhance the decoration of your setting? When you visit a reputed restaurant, you can always experience a pattern in the color combinations. Not every color looks beautiful. Consider the decoration first and come up with your own choices. When it comes to pleasing your guests, you cannot compromise on quality and best looks. Vrag Fils Airliad takes the responsibility of your quality napkins and lets you decide which color you want to prefer. As a renowned Airlaid napkin supplier, we come up with some tips that help you find the right napkins for restaurants, home bars, and formal events, and more.

Consider your visual goal:

You need to think about your visual goal first. Determining your visual aesthetic is really important. Depending on your requirement, you can pick a color. While bold red would be the right option if you want to recreate a perfect Italian dining experience.
Light pink and coral napkins are the best choices if you are running patisseries and cafes.

Go for the timeless appeal:

Choose timeless appeal instead of trendy designs. Trends are good for the short-term purpose. Bold colors can look brilliant for some occasions only. So, you must check timeless appeal and colors of napkins that can be used for a year-long. Being in the field of manufacturing napkins and other tableware products, we earned experience on customers’ preference. The tips are based on our knowledge and they are given to you for helping with your purchase. Don’t get confused and visit Vrag Fils Airlaid for any requirement.

Opt for solid colors than patterns:

Solid colors can mingle with the overall visual appeal of your settings. Patterns are attractive but it is really hard to match them with your decoration. So, you have to consider the best thing. You can experiment with color details and styles. Break the monotony and do something amazing with the decoration details of your arrangements.

Match colors:

Consider other tableware products and choose colors. The napkins colors must match with other things instead of clashing with others. For example, a brown tablecloth never looks beautiful with red napkins. Pink and yellow combination will never work. So, match the colors and offer a visual pattern with your design.

Vrag Fils Airliad is a renowned napkin manufacturer in India and it uses European technology to design and products. You will always quality napkins from us. 

When it comes to choosing the quality napkins, many would make mistakes. Napkins are for wiping your hands and mouths during and after your meals. So, you can definitely guess which quality your napkin needs the most. Yes, it is the absorption quality and softness. Vrag Fils Airlaid brings to you the best quality napkins that are designed in an advanced way. Depending on your needs, you can order your products. We are also a customized napkin manufacturer in India and offer napkins designed as per your artwork. Since many people want to know the standard napkins, we are here with some essential details that help you buy the right one for your need.

If you need napkins for a formal gathering, you must think about the table set etiquette. You cannot think much for an informal meeting, though. If you are planning for a lunch or a dinner with colleagues or business partners, we suggest you match the color of the napkins with the color of the tablecloth.

Choose napkins with a simple border and weave. If you want to play with the colors and want to enhance the interest of the table setting, you can buy napkins of different colors and patterns. Maintain consistency in the designs throughout your table settings.

Now, when it comes to the texture, you have to think about its use. You cannot pick anything for napkins. The texture of your napkin must be something that absorbs moisture. You can opt for the fine texture base for formal occasions. But, you can experiment with the table setting when it is an informal event. Choose different textures and patterns for this.

So, these are general tips that you must know for buying the best quality napkins as per your need. In India, Vrag Fils Airliad is the only napkin manufacturer that uses European technology for its product. They also bring Scandinavian dining etiquette in India with their wide range of products.

For designing your customized napkins, please send us your artwork in a white or transparent background. Make sure the quality of the image is good which helps us stamp or emboss your design on the napkins in a beautiful way. For order online, visit our official website.

Personalized napkins add a unique appeal to your event. Many people don’t know how to select the personalized napkin that enlivens the theme of the event. Choose napkins as per occasion and as per your needs. You cannot keep cocktail napkins for dinners. So you must know which napkins are best for your use and then opt for the design that elevates the appeal of your event. Choosing napkins is not so difficult but the wide selection of colors, sizes, and materials make it complicated. Vrag Fils Airliad is a leading napkin manufacturing company and offers quality products to Indian clients. We also help customers to get the best napkin for their event. Here, we come up with some tips that you need to consider for your personalized napkin.

Style of napkins:

You must consider the style of napkins. There are many options available to you. With party quality 3-ply napkins to luxurious napkins, you will get a huge option. Stick to your needs and choose what the best is for you. Airliad and patterned napkins are also having their share of the target market. They come up with quality and the best absorption character. Styles are the deciding factor along with quality. Some people need an elegant look and some go with the basic options.

Napkin sizes:

Different napkins are designed for meeting different purposes and occasions. Mainly, 4 sizes are very common which are – beverage (5″×5″), luncheon (6.5″×6.5″), Dinner (8″×8″), and Guest Towel (4.5″×8.5″). Beverage napkins are used for cocktail and appetizers. Luncheon is designed for desserts or heavier appetizers. Dinner napkins are designed for meals, and guest towels are mainly for washrooms. For personalized napkins, you need to select the size and styles of napkins.


Depending on your artwork, you must choose the colors of your napkins. As an experienced napkin manufacturer, we suggest you go with a plan that is appropriate for your event. Imprint things that appreciate the event mood, such as happy birthday message for a birthday party. You can also imprint couples’ name for a wedding event. We offer you both casual and formal fonts. You can also use monograms that add a classic accent to your napkins. Use proofing tools to see how your artwork will appear on napkins. We also offer you color themes. Darker imprint color goes well with the lighter napkin and lighter imprint looks awesome on dark colored napkins.

So these are the things that you need to keep in mind while ordering for the personalized napkins. Vrag Fils Airliad offers you Royal embossed napkin, Napkin for events, customized napkins, and many things. Visit our site to know more about us. We are a napkin manufacturer in India and bring European technology for designing napkins. You will get quality products from us. 

The introduction of napkins holds very interesting stories. Do you know that the first napkin was edible? These days, napkins are available in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes. Restaurant owners are also very keen to keep these napkins a decorative manner. But, when people first used napkins, they were unaware of its use. They primarily needed an object with which they could clean hands. So, whatever was close to their hands, they used them as napkins. Mainly, they used the soft dough to wipe their fingers and that soft dough was a food object called apomagdalie.

When it comes to the history of napkins, we have to mention the roman’s innovation. Romans used clothes for napkin-like purposes. They had generally two types of cloths – the sudarium or a sweat cloth and the mappa – a large cloth for eating.

Paper napkins which were mainly originated in China had also its early use in the second century AD. Among so many popular stories, the use of bread for wiping hands and faces was the most interesting one. People used bread for cleaning their hands after a meal and it was a popular habit in the Middle Ages. The use of Napkins has evolved with time. From bread to cloth napkins to paper napkins, the journey is long and quite interesting. Vrag Fils Airliad is an experienced napkin manufacturing company that uses modern technology to offer quality products to its users.

When we established our business, we researched on the quality of napkins and we came to know many hidden histories which made the use of napkins even more prominent. There were many ups and downs the industry has witnessed. In the Middle Ages, napkins were used hugely, though in different names. But, the use of napkins again was interrupted due to the application forks that kept hands and faces clean even after the meal. Forks made napkins a not essential product in the use.

In the 19th century, paper napkins were used hugely and they had become a necessary product because of its huge availability in the Japanese Market. In 1887, customized napkins had been manufactured to meet the requirement of the British firm John Dickinson Ltd. The firm showed interest in acquiring specially decorated napkins for the use.

This way, paper napkins have made ways to the regular use during a meal. They add a bit formality to the food serving etiquette and now they have become the most necessary product of the tableware. Vrag Fils Airliad is a renowned napkin manufacturer in India and is known for offering the quality napkins to its users. 

Do you know that napkins have classifications? You cannot use the same napkins for breakfast, dinner, and drinks. There is proper etiquette, and those who love maintaining perfection in everything, they need napkins designed for a particular use. Vrag Fills Airliad is India’s first napkin manufacturer that brings European technology for designing and manufacturing napkins. You can feel the quality just by a touch. We are giving priority to consumers’ satisfaction and come up with the best approaches that meet their demands. Here, we talk about different napkins for a different use. If you are unaware of this, this content proves to be useful for them.

Cocktail Napkins:

When it comes to serving drinks, you must use cocktail napkins for your guests. Regular napkins are not designed for serving with drinks. When you consider fineness and details about everything, your guests will be happy and they visit your restaurants again and again. The recommended sizes for cocktail napkins are:

•    20cm tissue 

•    25cm tissue

•    20cm luxury airlaid

If you are throwing a cocktail party or BBQs at home, contact us to get quality napkins for your arrangements. We accept bulk orders and we deliver your products faster than others. They can also be served well with light snacks.

For breakfast/lunch/snacks:

You need to different use size napkins when it comes to breakfast or lunch. Those who are running cafes, pubs, tearooms, and snack bars need these napkins for their serving. The best sizes that meet the requirement are:

•    2ply 33cm tissue

•    3ply 33cm tissue

•    2ply 40cm tissue

•    33cm luxury airlaid

At Vrag Fills Airliad, you can buy quality napkins at the best price. We concentrate on different napkins and come up with the options that meet a specific requirement very well. Moreover, you can also design your customized napkins by adding designs to these napkins.


Dinner napkins should be large in size as compared to napkins used for other occasions. They are generally the classic napkins and commonly used by people. The right size for dinner napkins is mentioned below.

•    3ply 40cm tissue

•    4ply 40cm tissue  

Hotel or restaurant owners are using these napkins for their guests. No matter what your requirement, Vrag Fils Airliad comes up with your wish without compromising anything. For more details, please visit our official websites.

Napkins do more than just wiping a mouth after a meal. They can put your brand in your customers’ head. They can enhance your professional personality. They can make your guests impressed. While the benefits are so many, you should not think napkins just a product for dining use. Design your quality napkins in a way that promotes your brand to your corporate guests and customers. If you are going to throw a corporate party, you must choose the personalized napkins that have your logo printed on them. When it comes to the quality napkins, you must visit Vrag Fils Airlaid. The company uses European technology for designing and producing premium quality napkins with high absorption quality. These premium quality napkins have fabric-like touch.

When you are planning to throw a business party, you need to take care of every detail that attracts the attention of your customer. Your logo talks, so use your logo in a way that spreads your business names to a wider group. We suggest you have a logo embossed on napkins that add a professional appeal to your event. Design your logo on your napkins in different ways as we keep so many options open for you. Choose what you like and prepare your order in a satisfying way.

Here are some processes that you can pick for designing your logo on napkins:

Foil Stamping:

Foil printing is a special process that gives an elegant touch to your logo. The technology uses heat and pressure to print your logo. With the help of metal dies and foil, our logo stamping process on napkins is fine and perfect. Since metallic foils come in a wide range of choices in colors, finishes, and optical effects, you can pick the best option that goes with your branding pretty well. The best and common options for your metallic foil will be – gold, silver, and copper.

Foil Embossing:

Foil embossing process is the combination of both foil stamping and embossing. We maintain the best thing for your business. Here, two metal plates have been used and fixed on the front and back of the product.  You will get a high-end design with the foil embossing process.


Embossing is very common nowadays. You can simply emboss your logo on our air laid napkins. Tell us what your choices are and we will serve your demand as perfectly as possible.

Vrag Fils Airlaid is a company that uses Europian technology for manufacturing napkins and tableware sets. We accept bulk order for your corporate events and social get-together. Visit our websites for more details. 

If you want to impress your guests at a social gathering, there is no better way than maintaining perfection in the decoration of the event. When it comes to decorating your place, we have some excellent plan for you. Designed your personalized napkins and put them on tables. Air-laid napkins offer you the best satisfaction as they have a better absorption quality and they come up with fabric-like softness. Quality will not be compromised in any means. So, think about your branding and get your logo designed on these napkins. It is an indirect promotion of your brand and brings your company closer to your guests.

With Vrag Fils Airliad, corporate ordering for napkins is easier. When you order napkins for corporate use, you must mention napkin size, paper color, and foil imprint color. We introduced European technology for designing and manufacturing our napkins and this is why our products distinguish from others. Tell us your requirement and we will offer you everything that meets your interest.

You need to send your artwork for designing personalized napkins for corporate use. You can email us the details about your logo or the artwork. Send your file in .eps or .pdf file. Make sure that your logo must be designed on the transparent or the white background. Mention your print location so that you get the end product the way you have expected.

Corporate logo napkins are designed to promote your business to your customers. Logo embossed napkins put your name in your customers’ heads and enhance your professional appeal. When you throw a business party, your logos on napkin silently spread your names. This kind of gesture is also appreciated by marketers. It is an opportunity to reveal your brand. Vrag Fils Airliad always recommends you buying quality napkins for a corporate purpose. When your customers find it that they are concentrating on quality, they trust your company. So, quality products always build an image. We offer you air-laid napkins that are made of quality materials. Build your trust with these napkins. For more details, please visit our official website.